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What is SEM? What are the differences between SEM and SEO?

What is SEM? What are the differences between SEM and SEO?

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  • image10 Ekim 2021
We have seen that SEO is a strategy that will bring you and your content to the top with the correct use of keywords while searching. SEM, on the other hand, is a marketing effort that increases your awareness to make it more visible on search engines. In other words, "search engine advertising" allows you to upgrade you for a certain budget. It is a marketing strategy that increases the time to enter, exit and stay on the website by placing advertisements. In short, SEM is the process of increasing traffic on websites by creating paid advertisements in search engines. The most well-known SEM tool; It is Google Ads.

If you want your newly created brand or your existing brand to rise, you should use SEO and SEM together. With the right Google Ads advertising, you can develop and increase your customer base. You can also get the chance to increase your traffic instantly with SEM studies. With the help of graphics, it is possible to learn the orientation and wishes of your audience.

 Differences between SEM and SEO?

While SEO is a process that you can do yourself without any fee, SEM is a paid process. We already observe that advertisements in the digital world are always made for a fee. Secondly, while SEM gives faster results, SEO can take months to pay off. SEO is long-term work.

Another difference between these two digital marketing concepts is naturalness. Since SEM studies are paid advertising studies, they focus on getting quick results. However, this situation is different in SEO studies. SEO work covers more natural practices and gives your site a constant click, that is, an organic traffic flow.

How is SEM done and applied?

With SEM, you get a rapid rise in a short period of time. Depending on your budget, you can publish your ad locally or globally. Advertising with social media ads or Google Ads is quite easy. However, it is very important to make the right advertising tactics and use the right keywords. It is very important to identify and recognize your target audience by knowing your customers. There is a fee you give in SEM, but if you give the commands you give randomly and without researching, the advertisement you create will not add anything to you. Brands create ad texts on this platform. In other words, you can create the keywords and phrases you want. As I said, choosing the right words is important.

If you do not have experience in this field, if you do not have any training, it is useful to work with a digital marketing specialist so that the advertising fee you pay is not wasted. Otherwise, you will not see any benefit from advertising, and at the same time, you will spend your budget for nothing.

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