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We can see e-commerce sites as the biggest innovation that the twenty-first century brought us. We wouldn't be considered a lie if we said that we know that almost everyone shoppers online at least once. That internet retailing growing in Turkey continues to see demand. So what is this e-commerce? Let's start our article by clarifying the concept of e-commerce.
What is E-Commerce?
To explain E-Commerce in the simplest way, it is selling goods and services on the internet. This system, which is growing by threatening today's retailing system, has started a new shopping age. Physical shopping is now a click closer to people.
So how do we do this E-commerce?
One website is enough for that! This e-commerce, which started on an ordinary website, is now possible with sites that have their own characteristics. "E-commerce sites!" With the development of technology, it has had to have more and different contents than a simple website. What are the benefits of e-commerce sites? It provides the opportunity to sell every hour, every day. Weekends or public holidays are not in your way! A store has additional expenses such as rent, employee wages, insurance. But e-commerce site is an investment that you can use for years for a fee less than the expenses I count.
One of the biggest benefits is that you are no longer tied to a particular neighborhood, street or shopping center. Turkey, maybe you'll become a store that sells all over the world. Accordingly, the audience you reach is expanding and growing. To achieve these benefits and become a successful e-store, you need to set up the right e-commerce site and follow the right paths. At this point, we, Cactus Software, enter.
How to set up an e-commerce site?
As Kaktüs Yazılım, we write an e-commerce site for you by coding from scratch as you wish. Your site is completely prepared for your wishes and needs, and this adds freedom to you. Your site will have the features you want from A to Z and you can add or remove features whenever you want. After your site is prepared, the features are taught and delivered to you. You are never alone in any problem that may arise from this point on! As Kaktüs Yazılım, we provide you free technical service in case of a possible problem. The healthiest way is an e-commerce site that is coded from scratch. Because you may have to follow certain rules in other ways, there is no customer assistant to help you when the problem occurs, and you may have to pay a license fee every year. One of the worst features is that ready-made e-commerce sites are used by thousands of people, so the codes of your site are open to everyone. You are likely to encounter any kind of cyber attack.
If you do not want to encounter the above problems and be face to face with disadvantages; Let's write your e-commerce site from scratch for you!


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